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When your family's reputation is on the line, you gain an increased sense of pride in the products you offer.


Even with years of successful expansion, NOMINATION holds on to its traditional Italian roots and values.

Through its years of success and expansion, Nomination has stayed true to its Italian roots and family values. Now the world’s largest manufacturer of Italian charm bracelets, Nomination also offers additional lines of unique stainless steel and sterling silver jewelry that promote communication and self-expression. The popularity of these exclusive collections – each of which features bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings and accessories - has helped make the company a worldwide leader in the steel, silver and gold jewelry market.

NOMINATION was created by Paolo Gensini in Florence, Italy in 1987.  NOMINATION is the first brand to offer a fashion accessory that uses one's personality, values, passions, politics, secrets, and sensibilities.

NOMINATION is the first of its kind

Created with you in mind

To give a one of a kind gift, call


Operating under a family name

  • Inspirational lines of sterling silver and stainless steel jewelry

  • Known for pieces that promote communication and self-expression

  • Incorporates individual personality, passion, values, secrets, and sensibilities

NOMINATION earned its reputation

Providing you with the best

We're proud to present you with a quality line of jewelry such as NOMINATION Italy. Customers in and around the Totowa area can visit our store so we can help you deliver the gift of NOMINATION to a loved one (and yourself) today.

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